Sunday, January 30, 2011

can't wait...

haha...i really can't wait for the bbq party!tomorrow will be the party guys...huhu..this party special for my friend : Nurul Najihah Bt Nor Mohamed,which will fly to Australia (if am not mistaken) lucky she is..jelez?.yes i am... ;)

since mr.tajuddin, the organizer had point me as the treasurer, so now all my friends want to see me to pay up to me..seriously, i am very excited. really miss them..

and to cik najihah...this party is special for you. we knew each other since we are 10 years old. lots of thing we have been through wish..gud luck dear...

Friday, January 28, 2011

what happen???

i do not how to explain what am i feel right now..but is it possible your daughter got homework and ask your favor to help her and you without any concern bout others feeling (think so) ask them to do it??..

i know am just practical student here, searching for the experience, and try to gain and learn the real world of office environment should learn everything but it doesn't mean i had to do your daughter's homework. what am i going to write in my logbook?..

yup..she's really nice towards me..maybe she just want to ask me to help her, but this kind of situation should not exist in our life. as i could remember, i never ask my father to do my homework or even my assignment..your work is your responsibility!

but at the same time, feel glad that at least i've something to do this morning..haish..

and i remember a quotation that i read when i was form 5..
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

so friend...think positive guys..this is what Ralph want us to do in our daily life..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

walking miles away...

layan je la...walaupun malas nak layan..

pak ngah's family

Makam Habib NOh


with k.emily

shopping center

otw to north point

nilah north point

entrance of sky train at Changi Airport

hehe..ak ska bangunan blakung tuh

neway,banyak lagi pictures that i've snap.and my special thank to k.emily and pak ngah satu family. GILa!, jalan-jalan for 3 days like walking miles away... ;P

Monday, January 24, 2011

alo...alo...macam biasa, disebabkan tiada kerja untuk aku pagi, jadi berblogger aku jawabnya...haha..Holiday di Singapore is such a great experience! the best part was..SHOPPING!

tapi, memang tak caya, met my cousin, Kak EMily yang dah lebih 18 tahun tak jumpa, tup..tup anak 2 dah..seingat aku, last jumpa kak emi when i was 7 years old., now i am almost 21 years old...lama kan..and abang man pun dah 38 tahun and i must say that it is our first meet sejak aku dilahirkan di dunia ni..abang neil lagi tak pernah jumpa...adeh..

first day sampai, went to k.emi's house first, and then my uncle asked us to stay at his house.kalau ikutkan, aku nak tidur rumah k.emi..lots of story nak share. Tapi pak ngah bising suruh pergi rumah dia juga.3 hari disana memang best! first sekali, pergi MALION..mesti kena tangkap gambar kat sana, cause it will be the prove that you've been to Singapore.

then went to BUGGIS STREET..pergh,,,murah gila.walaupun mata wang in dolar,tapi aku dengan abang aku shopping sakan..memang membazir.and aku tak sangka abang aku ni rupa nya gila shopping..hahaks..and the best part is semua barang aku, abang aku bangat!..sempat juga beli 3 handbags, 3 jam tangan, baju dengan spac hitam..haha..then we went to FUL LOI COMPLEX, just near to Buggis Street..then went to ARABIC STREET to have our diner there..sedar tak sedar dah pukul 1 pagi..haha

dan semalam sempat ke Changi Airport and NOrth Point Shopping Centre.petang baru!!!.dekat Changi Airport, paling best nak sky train..huhu, gayat sei B-)... first planning nak ke Pulau Sentosa, tapi disebabkan ada hal, pergi tempat lain..aneway belum sempat nak upload picture,besok aku upload..promise that...

orait..membebel banyak pun tak best..tengok gambar lagi best kan...ok...daa...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok..lantak la hari ni aku nak tulis sampai 2 post kan..

baru saja tengok di dashboard aku, and i've read my friend's blog. gila la, tajuk dia semua blogger lepas ni kena bayar cukai..fuh...for me this blog is just like my diary..never doing any business here..memang terkejut...

serious aku tahu ramai blogger luar sana can earn lots of money from their blog, tapi tak semua juga yang dapat duit... aiseh...try baca blog member aku here

kalau macam ni,tutup akaun terus la...tak payah nak buat blog lagi...aiseh... ;(

Friday, January 21, 2011

"ko bkn anak ayah"

yesterday me, ayah and adin went to Melaka, to retain me and adin's passport. the procedures are such a normal procedure..picture( in passport size ), NRIC's copy and the most important is the form that we have to fill in...

i must say that all the staff there are very friendly..and those abang2 there are handsome too. they looks smart with their uniform... ;P well, my family and i will going to Singapore...we want to visit my uncle there...and take this opportunity to have our weekend there..

ok, while my number appeared on the screen, then i went to the counter. as i told just now, miss at the counter greet me well. then she went through my form and she asked me to put my right thumb on top of the finger print scanner. but right thumb cannot detect any finger print..she tried more than triple time but still could not detect, then she asked me to use my left thumb. then, my finger print appear.

well, as i clearly remember, this is not my first detection of this kind of problem. when i was in standard 6, the accountant of the CIMB Bank also said that my finger print on the right thumb cannot be read by the scanner.

then i told my father what had happen to me. nak tahu jawapan ayah aku:
"ko bia betul, (sambi tu pakai cemin mata then tengok ibu jari kanan ak)..aah la..ta de langsung pusaran...kau bukan anak ayah kot...(ckp smbil gelak2)..."

pergh...what the insincere answer for me!! sedih aku, event though i know that my father only making a joke..then i told him:

"ni sbb kecik2 dek yah dah idop susah, kena masak, kemas rumah bagai..(ckp smbil muka serious)"..

then my father said..." ta pe, bole jd bhn bukti kt mak mertua ko nnti yg ko rajin ke dapo"
haha...sesungguhnya ayah aku ni memang kelakar... ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My BEST Friends

i have two best freind which i love them as part of my life..i love all of my friends, but i love them most..i know them since i was in kinder garden.. a lot of things we have been through together, and maybe thats made us become closer. first is Noor Amirah Binti Abdul Hamid and second is Mohd Tajuddin Bin Reduan..i must say that they know what i want, what i wish, what i like and dislike..and the most important they know how to handle me when i am not in the mood ;)..thanks guys for being my friend..

what are the common characteristics that we have? then, let me tell you:

1)kita orang semua anak bongsu, which our family calls us as "adik"
2)we stay in same area which is Taman Indah..Udin's house is just opposite my house
while Mira near to the playground..
3)we having our school season together since 5 years old till standard 6
4)and we facing the same problem where our really can't understand what is actually we want..

and below is Mira:

bout her:
~very humble, event though ayah dya punya lah kaya
~having a sweet face
~tak kedekot langsung..

and this is udin

bout him:
~ mulut laser...
~understanding too
~very creative and innovative

that's all... assalamualikum..

Monday, January 17, 2011


have you ever lied to people? your family?your friends? your love? or even your self?
i admit, i did it..sometime without any intention, but unfortunately, it happen!..

and today i would like to give my opinion about lie and why people lie..honestly, as a human being me even others do not like to be my self will be very disappointed if i knew that there are some people were lied to me. before that this is my friend's opinion about why people lie..

"In fact, it is said that almost all people on this planet lie at some or other point of their life. It is believed that the circumstances prevailing at that moment compels the people to lie. In most of the cases, people lie to protect their personal interests. However, there are people who lie to deceive others while, some others are just addicted to lying. There are many who lie in order to avoid any sort of criticism from the society".

but for me, the reasons why people lie and manipulate may not be negative always. In some cases, a lie is spoken to ensure the well being of a person. In many situations, one does not have the time to explain the entire situation to the opposite person and convince him that what is being done is right. In many cases, a lie can help to control a particular situation from worsening..what ever it is, sin for us to lie to other people.honesty is the best solution in any kind of problem.. ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

If my heart still bit when I'm grow older...
I would like to see my love in the sparkling rainy day,I'm sure...that would be the meaningful memory of my sweet for me..
and that would be my only wish when talking bout first love..haha...soooo gedik ;)

people are happy when they are in love..i think i might feel the same way too if i had fall in love..but for sure, now i'm happy to be single..hate to face other commitment that require me to focus on other relationship..yet, all my dreams still not be come true. so, need to chase them first..

my wish...i would like to live happy ever after with people i love most.... amin

Monday, January 10, 2011


feels like been ages i'm not write anything in this blog..miss this routine ;P

well i want to share one of my weird habit..i love to see people around me smile. and it would be feel more bless when people that i love are smile..believe it or not, i will automatically smile even when i am crying, angry or stress if i see someone's smile..

the best smile i love to see is my father smile.yup, i love to see his smile,for me his smile is such a perfect smile..then second best smile for me is children smile..ah...the sincere and sweet to see them smile..

Smile, and everlasting smile,
A smile can bring you near to me..
Don't ever let me find you gone
Cause that would bring a tear to me...

i clearly remember these lyric that my best friend sang to me when i was 5 years old.
starting that time i'll smile every time i see her face..

so...let's SMILE world

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'm bored

today is my second day of external practical..perasaan bercampur aduk.
scary, nervous, excited..all are like have been bland togather..
yesterday, i felt so bored, since i have not know anyone here. and what made me feel that way was i have no work to do..yeah, it seem like i am lying, i got a few work to do, and done them only in a few minute..after lunch hour, i have no more work to do.

and today i decided to bring my lappy so i that i can have my own "work" to do..haha
but what make me excited to come office today is no a handsome man in my department..but it is actually i got my own desk and chair. it makes me feel that i am a part of this company's member..

even though the desk is a little bit messy, but its long as i can do my work comfortably,i feel very grateful (=

and i'm just done with my first anther two tasks that ought to finish. but i don't want to do them now since i will have no more work to do after this..
lets do it part by part...until the time show 5:15 PM...haha